What is Somfixers’ role?

The role of Somfixers is making the connection between the client and the fixers. Making the appropriate fixer ready for you along with logistical necessities also included.


What kind of services we provide?

Our services include but not limited to Guiding, photography, videography, translations & Interpretations, Logistical arrangements, Simul-rec, etc.


Where or which countries are the fixers available via Somfixers?

Our fixers are in different countries and locations in Somaliland, Somalia and Djibouti where they can work with our clients.


When do I pay you?

You can pay in the end of the assignment, but you can also pay in installments. First installment in the beginning of the assignment and the second installment in the end of the assignment. If you would like to pay in other way than these, we can discuss.


How do I pay you?

You can pay via our Bank account or in cash – both methods are convenient with us.


How does the Somfixers commission work?

The default commission is 25% – we are a professional service – it costs to deliver. But clearly 25% is too much if the job is anything more than a couple of days work – so contact us and we’ll come up with a structure that works. Our clients are based on fixed rates, with much lower commissions but the assignments’ nature will also be considered.


How do we trust you and you us?

As a company we’ll try and be as transparent and helpful as possible, but we expect you to be honest as well. So searching for a reporter, fixer, camera crew, journalist, travel logistics or whatever on Somfixers, then cutting us out is just like shoplifting, it’s dishonest, nasty, pathetic and cheap…you do it at your peril, but remember, you are just a common thief.